Evening Walks


There are times when I don’t step outside until evening. I get a peculiar feeling on those days - as if I’ve been holding my breath and only finally start to breathe when I leave home. The cool air that envelops the previously warm sidewalk and buildings calm me. It’s like the whole world is being reset for the next day. When I take my evening strolls, it strikes me how quiet the neighborhood becomes. There’s no singing birds, buzzing bees, cars, or children.. Just maybe some cicadas. I can take deep breaths and feel the cold air fill my body. I notice the lights in the houses start to dim and turn off. On my walks, I often see no one else. It’s curious to me that others start to close their eyes for the night when there is so much peace to enjoy outdoors. When the time comes, I make my way home. In the vestibule, I take off my coat and hang it. This is the time when I start thinking about the long list of things I need to do, but I would like to interject now and say that it would be far more mindful to live in the moment and enjoy it.

JSK, Coat, Rosette: Mary Magdalene
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Hotter

P.S. I regret to tell you this is an old coordinate that looks similar to what I have posted before, but I couldn’t find anything in my archive with a coat! And I unfortunately don’t have time to make a new one :(

Getting Into More Colors


So for the longest time, my colors in lolita were primarily pastels. Pink being the main one.

I struggle a lot of coordinating darker colors. For example, I have no clue about black. I feel if you want all black coordinates, you need to start considering textures to make things more interesting. This is where I have absolutely have no idea.

For now, I'm trying out more earthy colors. Lately, I'm really into green and got Mary Magdalene's Elodie Doll. I figured I could match this with brown, burgundy, and navy. I liked that this dress can be coordinated with a kind of regimental feel, but also a natural/mori kind of aesthetic.

Cardigans are easy ways to bring in more colors. I'm waiting for these 2 modcloth cardigans to go on sale. Fingers crossed, it happens for Memorial Day weekend!

I also recently got these 2 blouses which will help with my earthy tone coordinates!

And here's for a boring coordinate that I wore recently that doesn't match with any novel colors.

JSK: Victorian Maiden
Purse: Jane Marple
Shoes: Cobb Hill