Getting Into More Colors

16 May 2021 - strawberryjam

So for the longest time, my colors in lolita were primarily pastels. Pink being the main one.

I struggle a lot of coordinating darker colors. For example, I have no clue about black. I feel if you want all black coordinates, you need to start considering textures to make things more interesting. This is where I have absolutely have no idea.

For now, I'm trying out more earthy colors. Lately, I'm really into green and got Mary Magdalene's Elodie Doll. I figured I could match this with brown, burgundy, and navy. I liked that this dress can be coordinated with a kind of regimental feel, but also a natural/mori kind of aesthetic.

Cardigans are easy ways to bring in more colors. I'm waiting for these 2 modcloth cardigans to go on sale. Fingers crossed, it happens for Memorial Day weekend!

I also recently got these 2 blouses which will help with my earthy tone coordinates!

And here's for a boring coordinate that I wore recently that doesn't match with any novel colors.

JSK: Victorian Maiden
Purse: Jane Marple
Shoes: Cobb Hill