• name: strawberryjam
  • favorite subfashion: classic lolita, but sometimes I dabble in sweet lolita
  • favoite brand: Mary Magdalene with Victorian Maiden being second
  • I prefer more simple, daily looks. I like solid dresses with attention to details, but also enjoy florals

  • I think I'm relatively on the older side for a lolita. When I was younger, I had my own little website. Geocities was the rage, but I had my own domain and I was proud of it. And nearly every weekend, I would spend time creating a new layout for this website. Back then, I didn't really know lolita fashion, but was into Japanese fashion and music. I uploaded some scans of Japanese magazines and would write about them. Fast forward XX years, I'm now an adult that has money and can enjoy lolita. And I like working on websites so here we are.