06 Mar 2024 - strawberryjam

In December my friends to came visit for the lolita event Ursa Major which took place in San Francisco Japan Town.

As they visited over a week or so, we also went to Filoli, an estate with beautiful gardens.

Unfortunately, it was quite rainy that day so we took all our pictures in doors! Luckily the house on the estate is beautiful too.

We quadripled wearing Mary Magdalene's Valeria. It is one of my favorite lolita dresses so it was a dream that my friends own all colorways of the dress! I am wearing the forest colorway which was a dream dress of mine. It was only sold at Kera shop. I'm so happy to have obtained this dress!

There are many pictures/events of lolitas from East Asian countries wearing the same dress of different colors, but not many of these type of events happen in the West. So my friends really wanted to take the lead in making this happen!

I feel really grateful through the love of classic lolita and Mary Magdalene, I was able to make very close friends. I'm also very happy that we are able to do fun activities like this. I'm not sure if I'll post about it so I'll share it now, but I also visited apple salad tea in Montreal and we also did a trip to NYC for the Baby Stars Shine Bright fashion show.

Here are the socials of my friends: ordovicienne // petit_piaf // apple salad tea

P.S. Here is a picture of me looking clumsy haha.. out of my friends, I think I'm the least elegant :sweat: