New Year New Haul

07 Jan 2024 - strawberryjam

I received 2 dresses this last week.. here they are!

Mary Magdalene - Fleur de Lys (oops sorry, I wish I had noticed the wrinkle on the bottom.)

Wire Head - Gobelin JSK set

Mint is one of my favorite lolita colors! So I was really happy to receive Fleur de Lys in the mail. I will be selling my Delice Fleur to a friend! I also have a soft spot for gobelin. I know it's more technically old school... but classic lolita = old school? I mean it hasn't changed a lot in how it has looked over the years. At least the version of classic that I wear.

I have a small comment about the Wire Head dress. It's unlined, but literal couch fabric! So it's a little uncomfortable to wear. I have another gobelin dress by them which is a summer cotton (?) dress so unlined makes more sense.

Not much to report on this work day. I took my mom to the dentist and in striving in my goal to become more of a daily lolita, I wondered if I should wear lolita. I opted not to for such a quick errand. It did end up taking her 2 hours! I didn't realize people spend that long (on their first appointment with a new dentist). I had plenty of time to go to a cafe to work. Lolita dresses sadge to not be worn!