Meeting Other Mary Magdalene Fans

07 Jan 2024 - strawberryjam

Today I went to meet other Mary Magdalene fans! I met with Tokkigo and beutalbaer.

I twinned with tokkigo, but didn't wear Mary Magdalene :sweat: But we wore one of my favorite Innocent World dresses, Anniversary Rose! I actually felt uncomfortable wearing so little Mary Magdalene hahahaha. Somehow it feels like I'm betraying my favorite brand ._.

This coordinate is a good representation of early 2010's when classic lolita was more popular. It feels weird wearing this classic... I don't feel like I suit bold colors and I also feel like it doesn't match my personality? Like it feels like it is for refined, confident women. Which is the opposite of what I am ^_____^;;

JSK, Blouse, Socks: Innocent World
Rosette: Mary Magdalene
Shoes: Fluevog
Purse: vintage

It's tokkigo's birthday soon so I made her a rosette to match some of her dresses! I am a beginner with crafts so please be patient with me.. I remember when I first started lolita, handmade was much more encouraged. It was a lot harder to obtain brand items back then. After I made this rosette, I decided to put in another order for lace and ribbon to make more!

Here are some solo pictures :)

P.S. Having another low self esteem day.. I'll try my best to remain positive, but sometimes you need to let go of the facade ;_;