Trying My Best In The New Year

06 Jan 2024 - strawberryjam

My resolutions this year were to 1) Be productive, 2) Be more positive and continue working on mental health!

Part of being productive is working on my lolita crafts more. I made a gift for another lolita, but since she has not received it yet, I will blog about it another time!

Another part of being productive is wearing lolita more! I think there is a misunderstanding, I'm not a daily lolita. I'll wear it to random places like the grocery store, but only if I _have_ time. Lately, I do have some free time, so I have been wearing lolita! I also used to really dislike wearing lolita without make up, but I am trying to get over that feeling... because I dislike how it prevents me from wearing lolita. I am not wearing make up in any of the photos below! >____<;; I'll still wear make up to meets, with friends, etc. ^_^;;

Here is an outfit I wore the other night to get sushi with a friend. She had been in India for roughly a month. She is actually my coworker!

OP, Hair rosette: Mary Magdalene
Bag, Headdress: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: Katie. I don't feel these shoes really match the ~classic lolita~ aesthetic, but I'm a sucker for 3 strap shoes.

Here is a coordinate I wore to go shopping at Costco (if you know me, Costco is my ~happy place~). :sweat: See, I'm not a daily lolita, but I'll wear it when I have time!

JSK, Hair rosette, Cardigan: Mary Magdalene
Blouse: Innocent World. It's hard to see, but it's brown to match the tulle trim on the dress :)
Shoes: Unpictured fint

Close up of my Arabesque coord. I bought the strawberry necklace from Gothic Lolita Market at Ursa Major. It's from a Japanese indie brand called *ameto* Sweets Jewelry I couldn't find any strawberries on their Instagram with flowers on it like mine. Maybe it's a sticker, hand painted, not sure. But it's a very lovely detail.

One last picture. My friend asked me if Arabesque Rose is more ivory or white and I took this picture for her. Usakumya is white and the dress is ivory! I like the picture because it's very quintessentially lolita. The lighting makes it hard to see, but Arabesque Rose is ivory :)