2023 Wardrobe And Year In Review

02 Jan 2024 - strawberryjam

I'm happy to report that I finished documenting my wardrobe!

So I've been a lolita for ~11 years now... I did not start off as a classic lolita! I wish I did, Mary Magdalene was really in their prime in 2013. I was a sweet classic lolita

So although I've been in the fashion for a very long time, I didn't start collecting Mary Magdalene until about 2016! I do feel lucky still, it was a lot easier to obtain pieces back then for a reasonable price. Now the demand is so high, but the supply is so low that the prices of Mary Magdalene pieces secondhand have sky rocketed.

So I cheated, a handful of the pictures from my wardrobe post are from 2018. I was too lazy to re-take the pictures ^_^;; My wardrobe was a lot smaller back then that I was able to finish taking pictures in a couple of hours. So it was easy to depend on natural light. I don't have that much time anymore and typically take pictures at night so I had to use some lights! Here's my set up. A friend of mine is very educated on these matters and helped me out. Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue! Initially I was using a dining room chair to take overhead pictures ^_^;; but it didn't seem very safe, so I bought a step ladder.

I also recently started storing my Mary Magdalene pieces on a separate rack outside my closet (excludes some pieces). It brings me so much joy to see them. I worked hard to collect them and they're just so beautiful!

Hmmmm so some highlights about me and my wardrobe!

  • My favorite color is probably mint. I would like to obtain more pieces! But I also clearly love pink. I'm surprised at the amount of dark pieces I have even though I don't feel I look good in them ^_^;;

  • My favorite dress at the moment is Griselda by Mary Magdalene. It's so simple, but has a really gorgeous collar! There's a lot of nice details, like the braid and gathered fabric. The only thing I wish was that this dress accommodated more petticoat! The black colorway of this dress kind of looks nun like. So I'm wondering if it was intentional to kind of emulate a nun look? (Talking out of my ass here)

  • My favorite motif now is gobelin! It's such a gorgeous fabric and totally embodies the aesthetic of classic lolita (looking like a grandma's couch). Even better that the below dress has velveteen too!

  • I'm more of a daily lolita (I don't wear it daily though lol) and prefer simple coordinates! Here's my favorite coordinate this year (which coincidentally is also Mary Magdalene's Chocolatier.)
  • This wardrobe post probably took upwards of 12 hours?! And I'm not quite happy with the result lol ^_^;; The mixed lighting in the photos bother me, but what can you do.

  • 2023 was an amazing year in terms of lolita (not my personal life lol). I met many new friends. I traveled to Montreal for work and leisure and despite hardly knowing apple salad, I twinned with her! After that, we became good friends. In addition, I also got to visit my dear friend petit piaf and we twinned Victorian Maiden's Rococo Bouquet.

    Twinning with apple salad. She's become a close friend of mine I can confide in. She is also crazy talented in her crafts.
    Tea with petit piaf. It's hard to believe we have known each other for like 10 years?! She is another friend I can confide in and has always been there for me!

    Later the two also visited for the lolita convention, Ursa Major. And we did lots of tripling/quadrupling (ordovicienne included)! I have many photos from their visit, but I'll have to save it for another time.

  • I'm so thankful how lolita has helped me properly express myself. I am quite shy and don't have a way with words. But dressing in lolita makes me feel like I can be who I truly am. And I'm glad I have made so many friends while being my genuine self!

  • I twinned with Kaya. She's been really helpful for me in personal and lolita matters!
    I had tea with hojichabunny (well it happened a couple of times)! She was a friend I met from work, crazy to find someone there that also wears lolita. She is really sweet and thoughtful ;_;
    It's rare to see me wearing something more over the top! I wore this at the Fanime convention in San Jose.

    To end, here is a picture of me wearing Mary Magdalene's Albertine. I used to really dislike this dress... haha I didn't like the elastic in the collar, but now that I have it I love it! And the bustle in the back is gorgeous.