22 Apr 2023 - strawberryjam

Sorry for the blog neglect (again). My life has been a train wreck lately, sadly. But I've made a lot of progress on my independence since my last post! No trip to Montreal yet, but hopefully this year.

In other news, I'm obsessed with sweet lolita lately.

I recently obtained Angelic Pretty's Wonder Cookie OP and it made me realize how great sweet lolita used to be and now I am addicted to getting more. By the way, my usakumya's (the stuffed animal bags) are named Chad and mini Chad.

I like Bunny Pockets OP a lot, but it is a re-release of the original dress. I'm guessing the older one is much higher quality. This one feels like plastic :(

I was really happy to have obtained this special tea party exclusive Day Dream Bed OP a couple of years ago.

Random tidbit, but I discovered I'm not introverted, but extroverted with social anxiety.