Overcoming Fears

01 Jul 2022 - strawberryjam

The last month or so of my life has all been about independence. I have a desire to be a stronger woman, to no longer depend on others.

I lived alone for a month. It was strange doing things on my own at first, but I came to enjoy the peace (and the daydreaming too!).

I am planning on going on a solo trip too! I was thinking of going to Montreal and Quebec City. I don't know much about it there, but in my mind, it seems like a perfect place for a classic lolita who likes old buildings and museums.

These small things may seem very trivial, I know.

I wore this coordinate to the museum of Legion of Honor. I was most interested in seeing Monet's paintings.

JSK: Mary Magdalene
Cardigan, Blouse: f.i.n.t.
Shoes: Cobb Hill
Purse: Coach

Some lolita adjacent things in my life..
I decided to frame this Mucha picture. And I pressed some daisies that I got from Mother's Day.

One last thing.. I got this dress Panier de Fleurs! In the purple color! I have already worn it a couple of times and it has officially become one of my favorite dresses.