Antique Fair

14 Apr 2022 - strawberryjam

This will be a boring diary entry. It is boring because I said so. And you should probably stop reading now.

Life has been weird lately. There has been many unexpected things happening to me and I have been doing things that I thought I would never do.

Did I mention this entry would be very cryptic too?..

This is my outfit for perusing an antique fair in which I bought some photo frames.

OP: Mary Magdalene
Cardigan: Metamorphose temps de fille (there's teddy bears, alright?)
Shoes: Cobb Hill (unpictured)

I have been into headbands lately. And these glasses are new. Maybe I was going for a nerdy look? I am not sure.

I am only 10 years late, but I saw this movie recently "Dark Shadows". There is a character named Victoria Winters, the best way I can describe her aesthetic is vintage boarding school look. Unfortunately I looked up this term on Google and (surprise, surprise) found nothing like how she was dressed. But I love her aesthetic. Although my coordinate looks nothing like this.. I wanted to go for similar look, but not necessarily so drab and depressing. I am not sure if headbands and strange glasses fit this aesthetic, but it's OK to make stuff up along the way.

Hopefully I have not terribly bored you all.

(This is how I should sign all of diary entries.)

P.S. look ma, that person has a blue mustache!