When Flowers Wilt

04 Feb 2022 - strawberryjam

Hello, like minded people that enjoy frills, it has been awhile since we last met.

I am upset at how little I can update my website, but I have also lost my passion for lolita (yet again).

A portion of it is related to how little time I have. I can count on my hands how many times I wore lolita in 2021. In a previous life, I used to yearn for the work week to end so that I could finally wear lolita over the weekend. Oh how times have changed..

OP, Hair rosette (you cannot see it sadly): Mary Magdalene
Jacket: Victorian Maiden
Socks: Innocent World

And my terrible self deprecating personality wishes that I wore a nice blouse with this coordinate. But I do like that I have achieved some grandma goals by being able to camouflage with a couch!

I appreciate that I got some submissions to the guestbook, thank you! (It just took me a long 6 months to add it, sadly.)..