Getting Into More Colors


So for the longest time, my colors in lolita were primarily pastels. Pink being the main one.

I struggle a lot of coordinating darker colors. For example, I have no clue about black. I feel if you want all black coordinates, you need to start considering textures to make things more interesting. This is where I have absolutely have no idea.

For now, I'm trying out more earthy colors. Lately, I'm really into green and got Mary Magdalene's Elodie Doll. I figured I could match this with brown, burgundy, and navy. I liked that this dress can be coordinated with a kind of regimental feel, but also a natural/mori kind of aesthetic.

Cardigans are easy ways to bring in more colors. I'm waiting for these 2 modcloth cardigans to go on sale. Fingers crossed, it happens for Memorial Day weekend!

I also recently got these 2 blouses which will help with my earthy tone coordinates!

And here's for a boring coordinate that I wore recently that doesn't match with any novel colors.

JSK: Victorian Maiden
Purse: Jane Marple
Shoes: Cobb Hill



I have been struggling a lot with my lolita purchases again. I get easily depressed when I miss out on things, but when I buy things I get a lot of anxiety from how much I spend and agonize on whether it was a really justified purchase. I decided to stop checking secondhand websites so much and try to spend more of my time and energy on creating things. I've been getting back to crocheting and have been working on a gingham blanket.

I think what has been fueling my purchases is Mary Magdalene's lack of activity. It greatly concerns me since in October last year they announced a comeback and they released a coat, but it's been crickets since then.

This coordinate is from awhile back. I went to go see hanami, but this is the best photo I could get with a toddler pestering my photographer. (I love my toddler, okay). It's super unusual for me to wear so much Innocent World, but I really like this dress.

Jacket, Blouse: Mary Magdalene
Dress, Socks, Headband, Purse: Innocent World
Shoes: Cobb Hill

P.S. enjoy a picture of my pink jackets.