Montreal Day 1 Part 2

24 Jun 2023 - strawberryjam

The second part of the day was all about lolita. I got to meet applesaladtea whom I twinned with! It felt like a dream come true to twin with someone as cool as her.

Getting ready in lolita. Ironing my dress :)

We had afternoon tea at Cardinal Tea Room. The food was your standard affair. The decor was super cute though! Perfect for a classic lolita.

applesaladtea brought a phone tripod and we went to a park to take coordinate photos. I think they ended up really cute! Especially the back picture. This convinced me to get my own phone tripod. Maybe I'll actually take more coordinate pictures that won't be in front of a mirror.

We coordinated Mary Magdalene's Rose Basket JSK in mint. I feel really lucky to have this dress. It's one of my favorites and most worn pieces. Mint is also one of my favorite lolita colors. It's so hard to get Mary Magdalene these days due to second hand prices sky rocketing.

We then proceeded to go on a walk around the city.

It's been a long time since I saw such a cute book store. We don't have them where I live anymore :((((

We then went to Fairmount Bagel. Montreal is famous for its bagels and it didn't disappoint. I'm not a bagel person, but they were deeee-licious!

applesaladtea made these yummy Madeleines :pleadingface: They were really good.. and it was just very sweet of her.

No picture, but we also went to a bar afterwards :)

It was a really satisfying meet up. Traveling always makes me so happy because I get to meet other lolitas! I think a lot of other lolitas do this too. They travel and reach out to the local community to see if anyone is available to meet. I felt especially welcomed by applesaladtea.. and it was amazing that she has the same taste in classic lolita as me. We hit it off really well and still keep in touch! :)

Unrelated again: I'm so bored and need new friends.

♪ Playing Weezer - Only in Dreams ♪

There was a really good Cowboy Bebop AMV back in the day with Only in Dreams playing the background.

I've listened to this song for many years and I never get sick of it. I spent an hour listening to it earlier today while laying down and relaxing (yeah I'm one of those awful people that can listen to songs on repeat :sweat:)